Sunday, August 16, 2015

MANIFEST.MF: Header must be terminated by a line break

Another frustrating day would be to be bothered by a stray space in your file and being blocked for a day.

Thats what happened to me while building something that requires surgical editing in MANIFEST.MF.

Lets discuss the errors:
  1. "Header must be terminated by a line break":
    The problem is there is a space after the last 
  2. "Dependencies are not being generated or the value part of the 
    is being ignored."
    After the last 
     tuple, have a line break.

    Example: if its something like this in the last line:
    Require-Bundle: org.spring,

    then change it to:
    Require-Bundle: org.spring,

    Note that there is no space in the last line!


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