Monday, November 10, 2014

Interstellar Movie: Time runs differently in different parts of the universe - References In Mahabharata

Recently I watched the movie Interstellar directed by the thinker and director Christopher Nolan.

Astronauts in space age lesser than the humans living on earth, this is a known fact. But not very well known because the age gap doesn't doesn't stretch to tangible levels as in the movie where the father of 46 years old meets his daughter who is around 80 on her death bed.

Since I've had exposure to Puranas like the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagavata. This phenomenon is already well documented in two events that occur in the Mahabharata:

Muchukunda burns Kalayavana:

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This is about the  great king who went to Indra loka to help Indra to fight off the demons. Later to find out that all his kins are long gone because "one year equals three hundred and sixty years of the earth" as told by Indra to Muchukunda. The king then asks for indefinite sleep and the one who wakes him up should be burnt to ashes.
Lord Krishna having this knowledge tricks the tyrant Kalayavana into waking him up, which burns Kalayavana into ashes.

Balarama marries Revathi:

Kakudmi and Revathi end up waiting in Brahma loka to speak to Lord Brahma but Brahma says that in the meantime that 27 * 4 yugas have already passed and must go and find Balarama to marry him to Revathi.
They do find Balarama. He uses his divine plough to bring her height to convenient levels and then marries her. Her height was greater than his because during Kakudmi's time people were generally lot taller then than during Balarama's time.

Here is a cool video by Neil deGrasse Tyson on "Interstellar" science which also has a discussion on "Time Dilation".

Infact there are so many many interesting things spread over our scriptures that the youth must rebel against the common convention of ostracizing "old scriptures"apart from just  having kiss protests.

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