Sunday, August 16, 2015

MANIFEST.MF: Header must be terminated by a line break

Another frustrating day would be to be bothered by a stray space in your file and being blocked for a day.

Thats what happened to me while building something that requires surgical editing in MANIFEST.MF.

Lets discuss the errors:
  1. "Header must be terminated by a line break":
    The problem is there is a space after the last 
  2. "Dependencies are not being generated or the value part of the 
    is being ignored."
    After the last 
     tuple, have a line break.

    Example: if its something like this in the last line:
    Require-Bundle: org.spring,

    then change it to:
    Require-Bundle: org.spring,

    Note that there is no space in the last line!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Interstellar Movie: Time runs differently in different parts of the universe - References In Mahabharata

Recently I watched the movie Interstellar directed by the thinker and director Christopher Nolan.

Astronauts in space age lesser than the humans living on earth, this is a known fact. But not very well known because the age gap doesn't doesn't stretch to tangible levels as in the movie where the father of 46 years old meets his daughter who is around 80 on her death bed.

Since I've had exposure to Puranas like the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagavata. This phenomenon is already well documented in two events that occur in the Mahabharata:

Muchukunda burns Kalayavana:

Click here to read in detail from wikipedia.
This is about the  great king who went to Indra loka to help Indra to fight off the demons. Later to find out that all his kins are long gone because "one year equals three hundred and sixty years of the earth" as told by Indra to Muchukunda. The king then asks for indefinite sleep and the one who wakes him up should be burnt to ashes.
Lord Krishna having this knowledge tricks the tyrant Kalayavana into waking him up, which burns Kalayavana into ashes.

Balarama marries Revathi:

Kakudmi and Revathi end up waiting in Brahma loka to speak to Lord Brahma but Brahma says that in the meantime that 27 * 4 yugas have already passed and must go and find Balarama to marry him to Revathi.
They do find Balarama. He uses his divine plough to bring her height to convenient levels and then marries her. Her height was greater than his because during Kakudmi's time people were generally lot taller then than during Balarama's time.

Here is a cool video by Neil deGrasse Tyson on "Interstellar" science which also has a discussion on "Time Dilation".

Infact there are so many many interesting things spread over our scriptures that the youth must rebel against the common convention of ostracizing "old scriptures"apart from just  having kiss protests.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Java: Some Core Java Books I Would Suggest....

Core Java although very easy to pickup, is quite a large beast in itself. Many rookie java programmers will roll out programs by knowing a few syntactical constructs but if you really
want to improve on using the full power of Java, you will have to spend quite some time training with it.

In my opinion, the real beauty of Java as a language is the simplicity it offers a newbie to dive into and a wide plethora of complex tools it offers to experts.

Remember, I am suggesting these books for Core Java only. Not for any particular Java framework.
In my experience, turning to these books for reference and implementing a pretty simple feature has helped me a lot, not only to improve design but to improve efficiency as well.

The ordering of books is increasing complexity. That is you are a beginner, you start with the first one.
So the list goes like this...
  1. Beginner :

    Head First Java - Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra
    This book was released way past my B.E. graduation time.
    When I was doing my PostGrad, I asked one of my friends this book for a quick brush up and he suggested this one. 
    Although I had studied java during my BTech days by attending classes and learning from a book I don't remember anymore, I really really wished I had this book then. This book gives enough pictures for readers to quickly summarize the concepts at a glance.
    If you are a beginner or a novice, I would highly suggest you spend time with this book and do all the exercises diligently.
  2. Intermediate:

    SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Exam 310-065 Guide
    - Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates

    I owe my SCJP certification to this book. I am not an ad-agent for Kathy or Bert. But these folks really know how to teach.
    But this book took me to an all new level in Core Java. You are assured to be in the top 40 percent of the java programming population once you are through this book.
    I highly recommend taking up the OCJP1.6 exam. This goal will drive you to finish this book and boost your confidence while answering any interview question related to Java.

    Thinking In Java - Bruce Eckel

    I haven't personally read this book although lying in my collection. But I spent my hard earned money on this book for one sole reason. Why?
    I had a guest java lecturer named Shakeel Ali who is one of the Top 5 trainers on java in whole of India! Every student who has ever attended his classes(C/C++/Java) will vouchsafe their knowledge to this expert. He strongly advised us to study this book!
  3. Advanced:

    Effective Java  - Joshua Bloch
    The toughest book I have ever come across so far. This book was advised to me by my manager. Understanding some of the concepts of generics really pulls out your intestines! I am trudging half way through this book and exhausted. Hopefully will complete the book and understand it well by the end of this year.

    Java Concurrency In Practice - Brian Goetze
    This is a book I am yet to read. This was recommended by a Java trainer who visited our office for training on concurrency and boy , following his lecture left my brains fried!!
  4. Bonus:

    Java Puzzlers- Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter
    This book is on my "Must Read" list.
    Simply because I tried some  of the puzzles here and found them to be informative and entertaining.

    No doubt the saying is true - "As you increase your circle of knowledge, so does the circumference of ignorance around it!"-Einstein.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A letter to PETA and GreenPeace and similar...

Some where in last year I was called by a  girl from Greenpeace who was asking me to donate money. I asked her a question back,

Me: Do you eat meat?
GreenpeaceGal: Yes, I do.
Me: Then , you are adding to global warming by unnecessarily wasting energy on procuring meat. 
GreenpeaceGal: That's left to personal decisions. 
Then I preached her a little bit and the conversation ended with no donation from me.
Here is a sincere letter from a person who likes your(Greenpeace and PETA) intentions but requests some drastic changes to be made.

Dear Greenpeace(GP) / PETA,

This is not  a hate mail. I really want you guys and all the gals to succeed. You have sacrificed your comfort zones to work for a long term cause!! Whether its the Mahaan forests or the Angora rabbits,
here's a guy who seriously  prays for your success. :)
@Others: Links are meant to be clicked! So click the links above...

Although you are in business, your impact should be inside the homes of a middle class family which has a normal lifestyle and enjoys the little trifling joys of life.

By the way, I do look out for news where celebs who have gone bare for the cause. Yes, it makes an impact but doesn't make a long lasting impression which changes the way people live in their day to day activities...

So here are some tips from a small time entrepreneur/yet-to-be-successful business advisor/ yet-to-be-successful marketing strategist:

  1. PUT up LINKS on your WEBSITE where we can buy NON-CRUELTY stuff !

    Today I was looking for a website that will tell me where I can buy non leather stuff (a belt to be specific..).
    The only useful link I found useful was this:
    Neither Greenpeace nor PETA had any link that will help a cute-guy like me to buy non-leather stuff in your locality. So all the volunteers of GP and PETA please do it!

  2. Open"Local Shops" and an "ONLINE STORE" ! Not just have a "DONATE NOW" button !

    You can get celebrities to  strip for you or join for your protests that's cute and media will slobber all over you. But that won't help me directly.
    Apart from asking for us to donate for your causes, it is high time that you take money from the money rich celebrities and start a start a GP/PETA store in our localities and employ local people.
    This will not only help you make profit but helps people like me make buying decisions more easy.
    If any of your volunteers were near me now, I would be yelling at them, why haven't they done this YET!!!

  3. Do Audits. Start Certifying businesses !

    The green square and the dot provided on the food packages helps common people like us
    a lot.
    How about you giving out certifications to businesses/companies.
    Just like all companies have financial audits done on a regular basis, the companies who are willing to be certified by you will come ahead to increase their brand  and marketing value.

    This will be a win-win-win situation for You - TheBusiness - TheConsumer.

    vegetarian symbol in india

Wishing you the very best,

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sai Services ,Prashanthnagar AKA Robbers

This is the place

Please make sure you never ever go to this god damn place.
They don't even know how to put their own address in jd!

It started when I gave my laptop to be repaired way back in January because it wasn't turning on.
I gave them the laptop. They DID NOT GIVE ANY RECEIPT. I should have trusted my instincts and taken it back. Since I was desperate to get the hard disk out, I gave them anyway.
They said  that the motherboard  had to be replaced.Since I had no money that time I asked them  give me the laptop with hard disk out of it. So I got the internal HD  back as an external HD with a cover. I was a fool not to verify if it had the other stuff intact!
About 6 months later I went back to him like a fool, thinking he will fix it.Again, I dint get any  receipt. Even then I decided to give it ! Yes I am a fool!

Once you give them your PC, they will never call you and tell you what's the status. You will have to call them every 2 days to remind him that they have your laptop. About a month later I was literally yelling at him every other day! They had made no progress on their side and asked them to give me my laptop back as it was. He was telling me that I had given my laptop to some other guy before handing it to him..  If I tell him, he was the only person to have touched the laptop, he wouldn't believe it! Remember he gives no receipt!
After I got my laptop back , I gave it to  another person whom I know well after confirming he would do no such non-sense. He gave me a receipt. And guess what we found out...

1. I was robbed of the LAPTOP SCREEN  which  was replaced with a FAULTY one.
2. I was robbed of The RAM which was 3 GB which was replaced with a 1GB RAM.
3. The webcam was robbed.
4. The wifi card is Also gone! This make my laptop almost useless!

He even robbed the hard disk cover!
 Don't go to him!
I have to now shell out a lot of money!
I will be very happy the day when the Income Tax people will knock on his doors!