Saturday, March 1, 2014

A letter to PETA and GreenPeace and similar...

Some where in last year I was called by a  girl from Greenpeace who was asking me to donate money. I asked her a question back,

Me: Do you eat meat?
GreenpeaceGal: Yes, I do.
Me: Then , you are adding to global warming by unnecessarily wasting energy on procuring meat. 
GreenpeaceGal: That's left to personal decisions. 
Then I preached her a little bit and the conversation ended with no donation from me.
Here is a sincere letter from a person who likes your(Greenpeace and PETA) intentions but requests some drastic changes to be made.

Dear Greenpeace(GP) / PETA,

This is not  a hate mail. I really want you guys and all the gals to succeed. You have sacrificed your comfort zones to work for a long term cause!! Whether its the Mahaan forests or the Angora rabbits,
here's a guy who seriously  prays for your success. :)
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Although you are in business, your impact should be inside the homes of a middle class family which has a normal lifestyle and enjoys the little trifling joys of life.

By the way, I do look out for news where celebs who have gone bare for the cause. Yes, it makes an impact but doesn't make a long lasting impression which changes the way people live in their day to day activities...

So here are some tips from a small time entrepreneur/yet-to-be-successful business advisor/ yet-to-be-successful marketing strategist:

  1. PUT up LINKS on your WEBSITE where we can buy NON-CRUELTY stuff !

    Today I was looking for a website that will tell me where I can buy non leather stuff (a belt to be specific..).
    The only useful link I found useful was this:
    Neither Greenpeace nor PETA had any link that will help a cute-guy like me to buy non-leather stuff in your locality. So all the volunteers of GP and PETA please do it!

  2. Open"Local Shops" and an "ONLINE STORE" ! Not just have a "DONATE NOW" button !

    You can get celebrities to  strip for you or join for your protests that's cute and media will slobber all over you. But that won't help me directly.
    Apart from asking for us to donate for your causes, it is high time that you take money from the money rich celebrities and start a start a GP/PETA store in our localities and employ local people.
    This will not only help you make profit but helps people like me make buying decisions more easy.
    If any of your volunteers were near me now, I would be yelling at them, why haven't they done this YET!!!

  3. Do Audits. Start Certifying businesses !

    The green square and the dot provided on the food packages helps common people like us
    a lot.
    How about you giving out certifications to businesses/companies.
    Just like all companies have financial audits done on a regular basis, the companies who are willing to be certified by you will come ahead to increase their brand  and marketing value.

    This will be a win-win-win situation for You - TheBusiness - TheConsumer.

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Wishing you the very best,

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