Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sai Services ,Prashanthnagar AKA Robbers

This is the place

Please make sure you never ever go to this god damn place.
They don't even know how to put their own address in jd!

It started when I gave my laptop to be repaired way back in January because it wasn't turning on.
I gave them the laptop. They DID NOT GIVE ANY RECEIPT. I should have trusted my instincts and taken it back. Since I was desperate to get the hard disk out, I gave them anyway.
They said  that the motherboard  had to be replaced.Since I had no money that time I asked them  give me the laptop with hard disk out of it. So I got the internal HD  back as an external HD with a cover. I was a fool not to verify if it had the other stuff intact!
About 6 months later I went back to him like a fool, thinking he will fix it.Again, I dint get any  receipt. Even then I decided to give it ! Yes I am a fool!

Once you give them your PC, they will never call you and tell you what's the status. You will have to call them every 2 days to remind him that they have your laptop. About a month later I was literally yelling at him every other day! They had made no progress on their side and asked them to give me my laptop back as it was. He was telling me that I had given my laptop to some other guy before handing it to him..  If I tell him, he was the only person to have touched the laptop, he wouldn't believe it! Remember he gives no receipt!
After I got my laptop back , I gave it to  another person whom I know well after confirming he would do no such non-sense. He gave me a receipt. And guess what we found out...

1. I was robbed of the LAPTOP SCREEN  which  was replaced with a FAULTY one.
2. I was robbed of The RAM which was 3 GB which was replaced with a 1GB RAM.
3. The webcam was robbed.
4. The wifi card is Also gone! This make my laptop almost useless!

He even robbed the hard disk cover!
 Don't go to him!
I have to now shell out a lot of money!
I will be very happy the day when the Income Tax people will knock on his doors!

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