Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to reduce body odour without the use of perfumes/deos

Hello all!! This is one short sweet article based on my true experiences over the past 3 years which have worked and will do a great deal in reducing the body odour.

It so happened that I got  a headache with all the perfume/deodrant people in one fine evening -a time by which there would be this concoction of  their bodily fluids and the perfumes emanating such a nauseous aroma that probed me to find alternatives..Remember these are tried and tested methods.

So the tips spill forth:-
  1. Avoid eating Onion and Garlic:
    These were two vegetables I liked as a kid. Over time I came to know that these vegetables are not on the list which can be offered to God and so we cannot partake them. (I belong to a Hindu Brahmin community, your views may differ substantially). So the research began with why these cannot be consumed. Of the many subtle and obvious benefits, I will list out the ones that are physical and easily perceived. Once you stop eating onion and garlic not only will your body odour lessen, it also reduces bad breath ,the odour of excreta and urine. I never trusted these words in the beginning. So to give it a try I went without onion and garlic in any of the foods I ate for a week. The difference could be easily made out! Its been almost 3 years without these sulphuric duo and I have stopped craving for it infact any food that has them is a turn off.
    Now you might be  up in arms saying there are health benefits of these two veggies. Dear people, there are substitutes for these two which are less odor-ific that we can do well without. them(like exercise and not eating junk food). Infact there is a certain way to consume garlic. This is something I heard from my Yoga master in the past - a garlic pearl must be swallowed whole with water, the same way you take a tablet. (Also, onion and garlic are not good for your spiritual health.). According my sources, all forms of meat should be avoided to avoid bad odour, but I don't eat meat ,so I have no experience giving it up. If you find avoiding meat  helps - please let me know.
  2. Trim Arm Pit Hair regularly:
    Our models and celebrities have made this popular enough. But if you are just a regular office goer like me trimming them once a week really helps! Yes, Its  kind of embarrassing to type all this but I must speak what works....

  3. Apply Sandalwood paste.
    Sandalwood has been popular in india since time immemorial. Many temples provide the sandalwood paste to apply as a tilak (or to apply them on your fore arms). Sandalwood paste can be prepared by adding a little water on  a  smooth stone slab (which is called "sani kallu" in kannada)
    and rubbing a piece of sandal wood on it. Traditionally its applied on the head or fore arms, outer biceps or on the neck. It also has many medicinal benefits. This is a natural "perfume" and is neither  tested on animals nor endorsed by any celebrity. Unfortunately many dimwits in our own country apply them on the pillars or the walls of the temples after being given this paste!
  4. Prefer cotton T-shirts to formal full-arms.
    If you are lucky enough to work in a place allows you to wear T-shirts than full arms, go for it. T shirts are far better than the thin formal shirts in absorbing sweat. In fact, if you are an HR professional reading this article, you can even save the electricity costs by lowering the AC and encouraging the staff to wear T-shirts. (In winters sweat-shirts do very well, no need of those formal shirts..)

  5. Put on another shirt!.
    A software engineer has to work overtime to meet deadlines and solve an irritating bug or the accounts guy may have to finish the end of month tally? If you know that your day is going to be longer than usual in a single place, have an extra shirt. There will be a time, you start feeling exhausted and feel icky. Wearing a washed shirt not only will keep your odor at bay, it instantly acts as a refresher and you will have new vigor to keep continuing. This is one of the simple life hacks to recharge you instantly.

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