Saturday, September 22, 2012

Short Story: A boy who wanted to commit suicide

This story was told by toastmaster Jagadish. I thought the story was very profound and meaningful for today's world.. So I am sharing it with you guys n gentle ladies.

Short Story: A boy who wanted to commit suidice
A boy who wanted to commit suicide

A boy of 16 years wanted to commit suicide. His friend asked him, "Why do you wish to end your life?". The boy answered, "I failed my 10th standard exam!I am dejected!" 
His friend replied, "That's a very bad idea. After you die, you will be born again, live all the 16 years of the next life studying and writing all the exams and then attempt to pass the 10th standard exam. Why do you want to start all over again?"
The boy replied, "Yeah, you're right. I don't want to write all those horrible exams all over again. That would suck big time! I would rather pass my 10th in the next year." So they went back home after buying an ice candy from the street hawker..

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