Saturday, September 15, 2012

A forgotten awesome speech in Indian cinema (with English translation!)

For people who dont know Hindi and this movie.... This is a scene from "Krantiveer" where the actor is making an inspiring speech! It seems so real that Nana (the actor playing the protagonist in the movie) feels it intensely within himself!

The person to be hanged is convicted of killing  politicians(who are actually corrupt and traitors). He sees the people and proceeds to give a satirical mocking speech.The translation goes like this....

So you all came here to watch the comedy of my death?!!. They'll now hang me!(makes this gesture by waving his hands at 0:53). My toungue will come out like this and my eyes will pop out like that. For sometime I will sway and my brother here(referring to the hangman) will bring me down. Then you will chat your way to your home, eat and sleep away. One day your unmanliness and cowardice will witness the death of this country with the same dumbness. I have NOTHING to say to you all! NOTHING AT ALL!!! You will find no change in your life! You are habituated to darkness! You have become accustomed to living in slavery! First you served the the kings and emperors,then the British and now by the goondas and the politicians. They provoke you in the name of religious belief! and you slash each others throats!Continue to cut! (End of 1:30)

Even when the person above(God) sees you, he would be feeling ashamed.Thinking -"I created the most beautiful thing in the world - a 'huamn being'". But when God sees below, everyone has become insects! Bugs! Keep fighting,suffer and die! Come and go! The game is over! WHy do we live?-We Dont know! Why do we die!-We Dont know!(End of 1:52)

The woman of the pen(referring to the journalist in the movie) wanted to bring about a revolution. With the power of the pen she wanted to bring an end to the black present. Who understood her words?!! All of you are dead, living corpses! Whom would she awaken? I woke up! I am going after doing some good work! I have contentment!(End of 2:05)

But remember your silence today will be the tears of your children tomorrow. These lawmakers, uniformed and the politicians have sold their integrity. Where did your integrity go when you were burning each other!Into the ditches?!(End of 2:16)

This small like thing(I dont know the meaning of "pishtu".sorry!), our neighbouring country may not be able to see itself on the map in the near future. Its forgetting one aspect! The rotis(google 'roti' to see what it is and looks like) which are being made in their homes, the flour for making them is imported from foreign mills. They can't make pins in their own country have a dream of breaking our country. They can dream so because they know that this country, is a country of dead bodies. Nobody has any symapthy for this homeland. Its very easy to break this land. I am a Hindu! I am a Muslim! I am a Sikh! I am a Phalana! I am a Dhimka!(End of 2:51)

Any one can break a single stick but its difficult to break a bunch of sticks! I had read this in my childhood(see the book gesture at 2:56), in the school, in my 3rd standard! Why am I even making you understand?! I am a fool! I have hay in my head! Why am I talking to these stones!! Laugh and make merry!-"One more dog is dying in the name of revolution, tomorrow some one else will die! What for us? We will contunue to live like this!" Isn't it? Live, and continue to live however you want! I dont want to live like a eunuch!(End of 3:19)

Come on now,brother! Give it to me!(snatches the black mask and wears it )

So folks, here was my translation of one of the most profound acting by Nana Patekar of Indian Cinema! This speech though made in a movie is more animate and real than most other fakes on the stage!



  1. pissu = chigoe, flea, fleas/ a 'huamn being'" = human being

  2. THANKS FOR TRANSLATION, You've done a great job