Friday, June 8, 2012

IPV6 : Quick Read!

ipv6 launch badge
IPv6 launch badge

June 6th, 2012 marks the day in history where leading ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and  web giants are all embracing IPv6(Internet Protocol Version 6).

So what's all the hullaballo about?
Read on....
  1. IPv6 is a successor to IPv4 developed by IETF.
  2. It was launched because IPv4 is running out of addresses.
  3. What you mean by addresses? IPv4 has  32 bits for addressing where as  IPv6 has 128 bits.
  4. So more bits means more addresses? Yea, for example a single bit can be either 0 or 1 - two addresses possible, if we have 2 bits then, 00, 01,10, 11 - that's four addresses. Got it?
  5. 32 bits are a lot of addresses then! Yes! Thats what people thought but once internet boomed and owning websites became every one's hobby-they became scant. 
  6. Some stats : IPv4 has 232 addresses that's 4,294,967,296 approximately 4.3 billion.
    IPv6 has 2128 addresses t
    hat's 3.4028236692093846346337460743177 * 1038, putting it in
    words its more than 340 trillion trillion trillion.
  7. In the future your fridge, TV and your dog's collar can be rigged to the net without any problem!
  8. Windows 7, Windows Vista , Mac OS X 10.7 and Ubuntu 10.04 already support IPv6. 
  9.  You can test if you can access IPv6 sites by clicking here or here.
  10. Mostly you wont have problems accessing most of the sites with IPv6. So don't worry.
  11. Finally IPv6 logo looks like this...

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