Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Add "You might also like" or "Related Posts" to your blog?

By this time after visiting various websites, you would have seen below the blog post or a news article, "You might also like" followed by thumbnails of posts that are related to that post.

I wondered if I had to create a HTML section and add them manually. That would have been a boring and time consuming job. Thankfully, some one else  has already done this for us.

There are 2 providers that I found provided this feature:


nrelate homepage

This is the one I am currently using on my website. Its supports popular blogging platforms like wordpress, blogger, tumblr and hubspot.The installation is pretty easy. Just click on the install link on top of the website and you'll be shown detailed and easy to understand steps.

The good thing about nrelate is the ability customize.It provides you with ad options, thumbnail display customization, and the ability to link with another domain.

However the main reason I switched to nrelate from linkwithin is because of some fishy issues.Read on...


LinkWithin Homepage

This was the first "You may also like " widget that I used - However, after some days I found traffic to my blog coming from sources like - Upon investigation, I found out that any click to
the thumbnails redirected traffic to their own website and then back to yours. If you don't have any problem with that and just want to use what it provides, LinkWithin is good for you.

Hope you found this blog useful. If you know of any other provider-please let me know.I'll be glad to check it out. Bye!


  1. This didnt work for me :( I am using Minimal Theme, will this make a difference? I copied the nrelate coding into my html in exactly the right places but it hasnt worked. I have been trying every html code for recent posts there is possible but still nothing!

    Thanks for your advice though

  2. Its for a tumblr blog - sorry should have mentioned that