Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eclipse : How To Set Proxy

As a student you would be using the college wifi for all your meme cravings. Plus if you are a developer who uses eclipse, then your application may need to connect to the internet today or tomorrow.

If you are using eclipse and assume that the code uses direct internet connection rather than going through a proxy then setting up the network settings of eclipse is the way to go.

Not only for development, if a new plugin has to be installed, then eclipse needs the proxy settings to be set.

Setting up the proxy settings is easy in eclipse thanks to their AutoComplete / Intellisense feature. Here's how to do it...

  1. Go to Window --> Preferences 
  2. Then in the left side top corner, type 'Net' into the text box. Then click on Network Connections. It should look something like this.

    Click on HTTP and then click on the Edit button.

    Set the proxy server and the username/password if it exists. Similarly do the same for HTTPS and SOCKS protocols.
  3. Click on OK and you are done!!

Other options explained

  1. In the Active Provider drop down you can use either Manual, Direct or Native.
  2. Manual : This will force eclipse use the proxy provided in the Proxy Entries table below.
  3. Direct : This option will make eclipse connect to the internet directly.
  4. Native : This is the recommended option. This will use the proxy settings that you have set to windows internet connection. This way you can avoid changing the proxy when you shift from one to the other. I used this because my hostel and the college campus had different proxies.

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