Tuesday, May 8, 2012

India : The Hollywood's Slum

Okay!!! The Hollywood is planning on a new blockbuster that is going to tear up the charts. They need a scene where the poor, hungry, disease stricken human population is being helped by a white guy with a heart large enough that can engulf the solar system! Which place shall we go?

Obviously! Indiaaaah!! With the success of Slumdog Millionare, our slums are in the  limelight.... How about Eat Pray Love where Julia Roberts comes to pray along with staring at the street urchins begging her for money. Or maybe even before, with City Of Joy? Yep! We indians have all the ingredients that make up for the ultimate recipe for a filthy SLUM!

Its a mixed bag of feelings when writing this article. I can't get completely angry with the blokes who made The Avengers where Dr. Bruce Banner is treating some old fella in a shamble. It speaks the truth where extreme wealth is in the hand of a few while leaving the others in dire poverty. I live in a land where bribe needs to be paid to the law keepers(our bloated men in khakis) to the telecom minister. What! There's even a website for this... Why ,even an event that wanted to showcase India as a country that can organize , the  Common Wealth Games -2010 was hit by a scam. At a time where North Karnataka is reeling under drought our leaders, go high in a resort.

Movies have the power of creating  stereotypes overnight. Hope the entertainers who read this blog make an effort to show the brighter shades of our country. We have got entrepreneurs who have created jobs, selfless individuals who have transformed lives.

Before signing off... Anyone wants to make a movie about the obese population in USA?

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