Monday, May 28, 2012

How to log out of Stumble Upon in Chrome?

Have you noticed how everything about the new stumble upon sucks?

Apart from the logo that looks some thing like a middle finger and also like a.. uh... ,well I'll leave it to you to figure out and the inability to look at all the topics for adding our interests, one of the most annoying non-feature is unavailability of a log-out link in the tool bar thingy that comes in chrome.

After a lot of heckling I found out how to log out of it to stop it stalking me as I browse.
This is how you have to log out.......... DO BOTH OF THEM!

A. Logging out of Stumble Upon in the browser

Type in the browser address

B. Log out of Stumble Upon in Chrome

1. If you have a blank tab, then click on the stumble logo button on the right top corner to load a page. Yes, it'll show you a page even if you want to log out!!

2. Then click on it again and it'll show you a drop down where you'll find the sign out button.It looks something like below.

3. Click on the damned thing and log out. Thats it...

I really really miss the old StumbleUpon interface and the logo.... :'(

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