Friday, October 29, 2010

How to change the default OS in the boot menu,Ubuntu 10.04

I am planning to put short tutorials on how to do simple stuff.I personally hate going through the threads and some cryptic talk not related to the query at all.

Change the default OS to boot in the grub(ver.2) menu.

Simple vi editing.
If u don't know vi editing u can use $gedit to edit files.

HOW TO:1.Become the root user by
$sudo su
Then go to the /etc/default/ directory.
$cd /etc/default/
2.Make backup of the grub file.
$cp grub grub.bak

3.Edit grub.
$vi grub
4.You should be able to see the entry
in this file, where X is the Serial number of the OS listed in the menu.This starts from 0.If the desired OS is at the position 5 when you count from top to bottom then you need to change this entry to

5.Save the file by Esc->:wq6.Now we need to run update-grub to build the dependent files.
$update-grub7.Thats it.Reboot and see the changes.
As a final note, instead of giving the index number for GRUB-DEFAULT it is better to give the kernel version.This helps, as whenever you update to a newer kernel the number of entries in the menu change and so does the index.I will find it out and post it as soon as I try it out myself and I am not too lazy.

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